Terms And Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to your stay at Motel Lodge.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. When you make a booking, you accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your confirmation documents are correct and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies within 24 hours of your booking.


Terms & Conditions below are for bookings made directly via the Motel Lodge website and Via the Phone. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and are subject to change at our complete discretion without further notice to you.

All Transactions on this website and over the phone are in Australian Dollars. (AUD)

  1. All rooms at Motel Lodge are strictly non-smoking.

  2. Check out is Before 10.00am, late departures charged $40.

  3. On departure please lock your room and place key in KEY RETURN BOX at front of motel.

  4. The owners of the premises will not be liable for damage or loss to guests property.

  5. Please consider our other guests and keep noise to a minimum. It is standard protocol to cease loud noise between 10pm and 7am.

  6. Please ensure you take all of your belongings with you on your final departure. There is a minimum $40 plus postage charge should you ask us to post items you leave behind.

  7. Pets by prior arrangement.

  8. By providing valid credit card details you warrant that you have the authority to use the credit card and you authorize Motel Lodge to charge the cost of your booking to the credit card in the case of cancellation or no show penalties as detailed below.

  9. You per authorise Motel Lodge to make MOTO charges to the credit card provided upon making your booking, You agree not to challenge or dispute any charges made by Motel Lodge ABN:94 612 608 474, Charges made by Motel Lodge to your nominated card will be in accordance to the terms and conditions set out in this document and not for any other reason, If you do not agree to this please cancel your booking immediately if you are with in the cancellation period please note you will still be charged for the booking.

At the time of making a reservation, all guests will be required to provide a current and valid credit card number to confirm and secure the reservation. In some instances, guests may be asked for a deposit.

A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all bookings at Motel Lodge. Any cancellation made after 2pm one day prior to arrival will incur the total value of the accommodation being charged to the guests credit card. Cancellations on or after 2pm on the day of arrival will result in the full amount of the booking being charged to the guest credit card. Longer cancellation periods apply for Special Events and these policies will be communicated to each individual guest at the time the reservation is made and/or confirmed.

A security bond is required and will be taken from your credit card provided. Your credit card will be debited in the event of damage to the property, equipment, breakages or if extra cleaning is required. Where a credit card is not available a $200 cash deposit will be required on check-in.

Standard check in time is 2.00 pm on the day of arrival and the room is to be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure. An additional fee may be charged if you do not check out by 10.00 am. Early arrivals and late check Motel Lodge dose not permit Early check ins or Late checkouts.


In the event of any physical evidence, or residual odor, which indicates that smoking of any form has taken place inside a guest room, a charge of $200 will be made against the credit card provided to the motel at the time of making the booking and/or at the time of checking in. This charge will cover the cost of steam cleaning the carpet and Mattresses along with other soft furnishings, and of laundering all bedding.

Smoking in any Motel Room in Australia is agents the Law.  

If you fail to return or you Lose the room key it will incur a $100.00 replacement charge.

You agree that regardless of your length of stay in there is no tenancy or other rights created under any Landlord and Tenant laws and there are no such laws that apply to your stay.

At no time during your occupancy is the number of guests staying to exceed the number booked, unless prior approval is sought and given by management. The use of extra beds other than the number booked will attract an additional tariff. Any persons exceeding the maximum occupancy of the property will be considered trespassers and will be evicted.

The Motel Lodge reserves the right to refuse entry to the motel for any reason whatsoever including where the guest has engaged in conduct on a previous occasion adverse to the motel. It is a Management’s discretion to refuse service or entry. Motel staff have the right to refuse service or remove patrons for inappropriate or offensive behavior.


Motel Lodge provides cutlery and crockery for you're use, we also provide cleaning items in each room, Please insure that you and your guests wash, dry and pack away in the accurate location any and all items you/s use during you're stay. There is a $20.00 fee if you wish the cleaners to do this for you.

Please do not turn of the fridge in the room if you chose to there will be a $25.00 fee


Pets are welcome at the Motel Lodge. We have a number of rooms that allow you to keep your pet in the room with you at an additional cost. Please request a pet friendly when booking you must notify us of what pet you have and how many. You will be notified of the additional fee after booking.

if evidence of a pet is discovered without approval, or in a non-pet friendly room you will be charged $100.00 for steam cleaning of carpets, furniture and/or mess left by the pet/s.

If you have your pet with you, it is expected that a few simple rules of courtesy are followed, a fee will be applied and charged to the credit card supplied if you breach these rules:

• All pets must be approved

• Any mess, including cat litter, puppy pads and pet food, must be bagged and placed in outside bins

• Pet bedding must be supplied by guest

• Do not allow Pets onto furniture or beds.

• You agree to pay for any damage, or extra cleaning required resulting from the pet having stayed.

All Fees for violations of these conditions are located in the information folder located in each room.

Damages or breakages of furniture or furnishings must be reported to Management immediately. Breakages or damages to the property that are caused by any guest and/or a guest’s visitor will be charged and recouped in full from the guest’s credit card or deducted from the guest’s refundable deposit. Excess cleaning required on departure or replacement of items removed from the accommodation will be charged to the guest’s credit card. Furniture, fixtures and fittings are not to be altered or moved between rooms or properties. There will be a charge incurred if furniture is not returned to its original location.


Our properties are maintained and cleaned regularly, however, wildlife is common in this area. Motel Lode and/or the owner do not accept liability for the unfortunate or seasonal visits of any wildlife including, but not limited to; rodents, insects, cockroaches and spiders.

Motel Lodge has a strict policy for handling guest information. The information you provide to Motel Lodge is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. Motel Lodge will not disclose or distribute guest information to third parties without prior written consent by the guest.
However by confirming you're reservation you agree to allow us to pass on to persons we deem appropriate your details should you or your visitors;
Such as but not limited to
1. Fail to settle your account
2. Smoke or have illicit drugs in the room
3. Room degradation (such as vomit, bodily wastes)
4. General damage to motel property, fittings, fixtures
5. All non-standard cleaning charges
6. And or any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to let.


Copies of these terms and conditions are available on our website –www.motellodge.com.au
Upon confirming you're reservation, you agree that your access to and use of the motel is subject to these terms and conditions. We do our best to ensure reservation arrangements are satisfactory, however, the Motel Lodge does not accept any liability for any loss financial or otherwise, travel delay, injury, damage, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond our control. These include, but not limited to, flight delays or cancellations, civil disturbances, defects in vehicles, theft, acts of terrorism, natural disaster, war, fire, floods, acts of God, acts of Government or of any authorities, changes to Government regulations, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment, maintenance requirements or industrial action.

You agree that, should you or your guests breach any of the terms and conditions:
You will pay to us the total loss or damage that we suffer as a result of that breach and hereby authorize us to debit your credit card or apply your refundable deposit in payment of that loss or damage and we may evict you and your guests without notice

After hours check-in

There is a lock box located on the wall next to reception, once you're booking is made you will be sent a confirmation text message that includes a link to this page, you will need to reply Yes to this message, this will then confirm you're booking and that You authorize Motel Lodge to Pre authorize you're credit card for the full amount of the booking, You're yes reply will act as a digital signature and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions on this page, therefore you are providing Motel Lodge with you're authorization to proceed with an off sight pre authorization. The pre authorization with be completed upon cleaning of you're room to insure there are no additional charges required in accordance with our terns and conditions, once complete and during the pre authorization you agree that you and or your financial institute will not depute any charges made by Motel Lodge.

Security cameras

Please note there are cameras in some areas outside the motel. Motel Lodge is under no obligation unless court ordered to supply or let guest view any footage recorded. It is at the Managers discretion to allow viewing or supplying of footage.


Motel Lodge Reserves the right to act on any and all violations of these terms and conditions and to apply charges where applicable to you’re provided credit card at any time with out dispute from you or your financial institute. By confirming your Booking with Motel Lodge you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions.